Sports Psychology and psychological strength is a tool that is growing exponentially in athletics. Currently, sports specific and clinical psychologists are being used by professional teams to enhance individual athletic performance. Similar to high-performance fitness, psychological strength and conditioning is starting to progress down from the professional ranks to junior and minor hockey programs. CKM holds strongly in the theory that performance in sport is largely psychologically influenced. Successful implementation of this program, is a competitive advantage that consists of psychological strength, with minor advantages in physical attributes and work ethic.

Dr. Sara LeBlanc With a PhD in psychology and 10+ years of experience in Corporate, Sports and Academic performance psychology, I have helped elite athletes, business leaders, organizations, and teams perform in high pressure situations. I am committed to providing mental conditioning to take your game to the next level. Within the applied sector, I have worked as a performance consultant for a division one-hockey club in London, England of which the roster included six Olympians.

As a performance consultant, I worked to identify problem areas and enhance communication skills between athletes and coaching staff. In addition, I have worked as a mental conditioning consultant at IMG Sports Academy in Florida, where I helped a wide range of international, elite athletes improve their confidence, concentration and performance.

For the past 7 years, I have refined both my presentation and communication skills by conducting lectures at both the Masters and Undergraduate level in England, Australia and Canada. In addition, I have facilitated workshops, documenting the results of a mental conditioning training program I developed and initially validated. This research was published in the Journal of Group Psychotherapy, Jan 2017. I have contributed to the field of Sport Psychology through numerous book chapters, papers and international conferences as well as by serving as co-editor of upcoming textbook on emotion regulation and applied intervention techniques for Oxford University.