As an organization we utilize technology, analytics, and a global network of relationships to provide our Clients a competitive advantage

Professional Services

As a professional athlete we support you with tax, wealth and insurance strategies that align with your long-term goals. It's critical to have the right financial infrastructure in place to maximize your earning potential.

Contract and Transfer Acquisitions

Each season there are windows of opportunity that present themselves. We proactively identify, discuss, and evaluate the best team programs available; and what best fits your short-term and long-term career.

Development Resources

It's a significant priority for us to help you understand your game on and off the field. We provide our Clients with video and analytic performance evaluations, pro scouting feedback, nutrition, strength, psychological, and customized development support.

Brand and Endorsement Engagement

Over time a professional athlete must lay the groundwork for brand recognition and financial retirement based on both on and off field performance. We design and implement a strategy for our Client to earn endorsement benefits no matter the period of their career.

What we do

It's a priority of ours to identify, acquire, and support some of the best soccer players in the world

Talent Identification

Our staff utilizes the best available video, and data sources to identify talent. This goes hand and hand with evaluation of U18 national team programs, as well as professional level players.

The Fit

As we evaluate players and open up communication, it's paramount that our Clients want to be dominant. No matter the stage of a player's career, it's a significant priority to ensure our players get better. To this degree, we make sure before moving forward with any Client.

What's important?

Every player is different and has different priorities. One of the first things we do is strategize the best team, financial, and development plan moving forward to ensure the player's priorities are respected.

Execute On The Work

Whether it's on the field or off, you can't hide from the work. We support our players on daily basis to ensure they have the support to get through the work. The industry as player is extremely competitive and that's not easy. We are there to make it easier.

Our Mission

Just as our clients compete on the field, we compete off. We want to work with the best players and people in the sport. No matter the stage of a player’s career we’ll provide both a professional and development competitive advantage that will outperform any previous agency you’ve experienced or one that your teammates have experienced.

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