Have elite trainer Reggie Bradshaw design a customized Strength and Conditioning plan based on your current conditioning and future goals. After concluding his CFL career, Reggie Bradshaw focused his energy on his personal training career, and has formed his own company- Rize Fitness. He has gained experience as a specialist in just about everything, including Tae Kwon Do, Crossfit, Olympic Weightlifting, Poliquin Biosignature Practitioner Levels 1+ 2, TRX, AGATSU, and more. He works with amateur, professional and olympic athletes of many different types of sports.

“At Rize Fitness we believe in achieving results through structural balance and hard work. We help our clients improve physical strength, mental wellbeing as well as assisting them to attain their aesthetic goals. Because every individual is unique and has specific goals we do not offer cookie-cutter programs. Instead, we create specialized programs that are tailored to each client and offer nutritional and dietary suggestions to help them achieve the best results possible. We focus on strength conditioning, aesthetics bodybuilding, calisthenics & functional fitness.” – Reggie

For amateur athletes, strength training will help create a strong base on which you can build the foundation of your athletic career. Some athletes may have training support provided by school programs, but may find themselves on their own during winter or summer breaks. We can provide an off-season program to supplement the work you may have been completing with another trainer. Ours will likely be more specialized, and provide you with exercises which will enhance your training time. For instance, proper ankle and hip flexibility will enhance your lifting form and enable you to lift more with less force.